Startups struggle at the pre-revenue or early revenue stage.

Enable Budding Entrepreneurs

Invest in 50+ Market Ready Tech or Non-Tech Products/Services

To Raise $50 Million in capital.

Greater than 20% risk adjusted returns on investment



SART Accelerator is a high tech accelerator providing seed funding, a dynamic co-working space, and a 12-week mentoring program that nurtures skills and relationships to enable entrepreneurs to build a remarkable company.

Raising capital is an extremely important factor in the lifecycle of a startup, determining the available runway to develop products and business model.

SART Venture Fund co-invests in the future with angels/VCs in follow-on rounds, providing the accelerator’s startups with a key competitive advantage.


The investment focus for the Accelerator and eventually the Fund in the future will be seed stage capital- efficient technology companies that can succeed with less than $2 million in lifetime capital raised.

The Fund focuses on seed stage capital-efficient startups because they have the potential to produce 10x investment returns at sub-$50 million valuations.

The sub-$50 million trade sale, or mergers and acquisitions market is an active and liquid exit market, providing the investees with a great range of exit opportunities. Also, exits in the sub-$50 million M&A exit market tend to come in 3-6 years rather than 8-12 years for >$50 million M&A exits.

Why are we looking for them?

  • Seed stage because: valuation is critical minimal ‘professional’ competition expected return on a successful exit is very high capital efficient technology

  • Large portfolio because: expect >50% failure; 10% of exits => 75% of total return; diversification - difficult to pick winners, but filter to avoid losers

  • <$50M M&A exit market because: sub-$50M M&A is an active and liquid exit market; exits tend to come in 3-6 years rather than 8-12; returns are not strongly correlated with traditional VC & PE returns

  • Capital Efficient Tech and non-Tech because: scalable; can produce 10x investment returns at sub- $50M valuations; greater range of exit strategies and more flexibility for founders


  • No assurance of investment return can be given to Investors. The return on investment will depend on the success of the Fund’s investments and there can be no assurance that any or all of the Fund's investments will be successful in generating the target returns.

  • The Fund will invest in early-stage and expanding companies that may not have consistent sales or income. They may also have difficulty attracting management and employees with the right mix of skills and expertise, especially at the various stages in their life cycles when different abilities are required.

  • General economic conditions (including interest rates, exchange rates and underlying inflation in USA and internationally) may affect the Fund’s activities. These may impact on financing costs (both in respect of the operation of companies and to potential purchasers of the companies) and the state of the market for stock exchange floats.

  • Investments should be considered only by sophisticated or professional investors who understand the nature and extent of the risk.


The Fund employs a number of risk mitigation techniques including:

  • Leveraging the deal screening and processing capabilities and broad industry experience of SART management/ mentors.

  • Standardizing term sheets

  • Board representation on investee companies or observer rights.

  • Process driven investment process.

  • Investment committee investment review and potential veto.

  • Pro-rata rights for future investment rounds

  • Portfolio diversification with 25-30 investee companies ranging across size and sector.

  • Spreading investment timing of deals over 5 year period.

Now that you know how it works...

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